5 First Date Tips for Girls

A first date is no different from any of the conversations you and the guy may have had earlier. But at the same time, a first date is also the stepping stone from harmless flirting to a potential something in love. When both of you decide to meet up over a date, it’s a serious move to test both of your compatibilities and see if there’s a chance to fall in love with each other.

Sometimes, the date may be a success. And many other times, the date could lead to an awkward silence that ends all conversations between both of you. Now the most important first date tip to remember is to behave like a lady when you’re with a man who’s making the effort to behave like a gentleman. And for the other tips you definitely need to know.


  1. Dress for the occasion. Looking good on a date is one of the biggest criteria for a successful date. But at the same time, I really don’t go wearing a short, tight skirt or a cocktail dress if both of us are planning to go hiking or bowling. I dress appropriately and most of all, focus on my comfort. If I’m comfortable, I’d feel sexy and look really sexy too.


  1. Girls dress in pastels. Want to impress your new catch? Then look no further than soft pastel colours and soft fabrics in your wardrobe, to pick the right attire. Black and red are excellent picks to show off your sexuality. I like to always wear these colours. But to display the femininity in me that’ll make a man feel protective around me, I definitely need to dress in softer shades.


  1. Incessant complaining. Even if the guy I like has picked a dump of a restaurant for the first date, I don’t roll my eyes or whine about how lousy the place is. I think about it, he picked this place to enjoy my company, so he obviously wouldn’t try to ruin it for me intentionally, would he? Girls who complain a lot are a big no-no for any guy. On the other hand, guys love a girl who is accommodating and seems easy to get along with even if she looks like a glamorous diva!


  1. Smile. Laugh. Smiling and laughing wholeheartedly on a date inspires a guy. It makes him believe he’s the king of the humour world, and it also makes him feel more confident and less nervous around me. Unless his jokes are cringe worthy or tear inducing, I laugh along and try to have a nice time. Perhaps, over time *and a few drinks later* he may start to seem like a really funny guy.


  1. Every guy likes it smooth. This is a no brainer, really. But it’s still something that needs to be said if you want to impress a guy on a first date. I make sure all the parts of me that are seen on the date are nice, clean and shaved up. It makes me look a lot sexier and appealing.


And there we have the 5 important first date tips for girls you definitely need to remember on your next first date. Just try these tips for starters, and you’ll see how effective they can be!

Answering Your Own Question: What Are Your Chances in Asking a Girl Out

When asking a girl out for a date, there are generally two answers you’ll get. It’s Yes or No. But think about it, getting a date doesn’t always mean that you are into that girl. Don’t let yourself fall in that easily without getting to know her much better, and to do that, you will have to get her to a date. So, what really are your chances in getting a girl to date you? The answer depends upon your action.

You will get to answer your own question regarding the chances of asking a girl out for a date. So if you are socially awkward in talking and mingling around with different people, chances are you will never get to know more about yourself if you sink in deeper into your own hole. Try to stand up for yourself and not just for the crowd that surrounds you. Give yourself some boost, now remember, this is for your own good.

If you are too afraid to take a step forward and ask someone for a date, you will never what you will be if you dared and challenged yourself in that situation. For some reason, some people who tend to be happy are those ones which are daring enough to face the almost impossible things in their life. But in your situation, it is about getting a date first. In asking a girl out, never rush things out. You can ask few questions and take time to get to know each other. So, if you feel like she’s not talking too much, don’t back down that easily.

Of course first timers are the ones that tend to get shy. But, in your case, your the first one that should take action. Just remember, never ever be afraid to ask her out. Just remember to ask nicely and straight forward, not those scenes like in the movies where the character gets to say uhh, ahh. That definitely sucks. For more tips, watch the video below.

5 Best First Date Venues in London

As if first dates weren’t stressful enough. The last thing you want to do is end up spoiling your evening with that special someone by going to the wrong places at wrong times. Nobody needs big dance floors and strobe lights when you’re looking for an intimate conversation, from Speakeasy bars to something a little bit different, I’ve got it covered, so if you’re looking for the perfect place for your first date, check out my recommended London date venues.

  1. Moroccan Sky Raid

Usually a strictly-operated private members’ bar. Searcy’s at the top of the Gherkin have never opened their impressive venue to the public, let alone thrown their own spectacular event. Well, until now that is. They have exclusive access to this sought after and breath-taking space for a 7 week pop-up over the summer. This is your one chance to experience 360 degree, unparalleled views of London; right up in the glass domed roof of the iconic Gherkin. Whether it’s a date night, birthday or engagement, this is an unforgettable and jaw-dropping pop-up experience, not to be missed.


  1. 5CC Electricity Showrooms

5cc Hoxton is a bespoke cocktail club found below Electricity Showrooms on Hoxton Square. Combining the historic and the modern to glorious effect, 5cc features copper bar tops, cushtie booths and teetering stools, with a generous burst of neon. Talk about pizzazz. Sister to 5cc Exmouth, Farringdon and Bethnal Green, these drinking dens pride themselves on expert cocktails, chilled vibes and quirky surroundings. I really love going on in dates here.


  1. Cabaret Des Distractions

Inspired by the Féeries of 19th century Paris, Cabaret des Distractions is a classic tale of love and temptation for a 21st century audience. Cabaret, musical theatre and circus break bread in the opulent surrounds of our 1920’s ballroom. I once brought my date here and it was a success, he liked it. They promise gasps of awe, roars of laughter and whoops of excitement as they took us through a labyrinth of unexpected turns.


  1. Upstairs at the Ten Bells

The historic Ten Bells pub has introduced a brand new cocktail lounge to Spitalfields in the shape of, you guessed it, Upstairs at The Ten Bells. This place is made for kicking back and unwinding. Renowned bartender Jerome Slesinski handles the drinks, mixing shorty cocktails that start from just £6 using spirits often infused on site. Why not grab a hand-made bevvy, tuck into these sweet wares and enjoy one of the finest hidden nooks in Shoreditch?


  1. Luna Cinema

For a laid back evening with that someone special, head to one of the Luna Cinema’s prestigious screening. Popping up all over London during summer, the team head this established brand will be showcasing a number of classic films in some of London’s most iconic settings. A wide array of films will be on display, from Napoleon Dynamite to Ghostbusters. Bring a picnic blanket and unwind on your first date at this laid back summer spectacular.


Summer is still not over so I suggest you try the Luna Cinema first as your date venue this weekend and don’t forget to have fun!


10 Cool London Date Ideas

The sun is shining, and the weather is sweet. Have a hot date? Here are 10 cool London date ideas that you and your date will definitely like.

  1. The “Cinema with a Twist” Date

If you’re too young to have seen The Breakfast Club or think that Judd Nelson is an old wrestling move is you need to take your date to the Nomad Cinema on Thursday. Oh, the nostalgia!


  1. The “McQueen for a Day” Date

Savage Beauty, the Alexander McQueen exhibition-slash-juggernaut is on for a few more weeks. Best you get those skates on and book!


  1. The “Life’s a Beach” Date

I’ll never have a proper beach in London. The best I can hope for is generally a pop-up with some sand dumped in mass home to some sort of “beach bar” serving £8 cocktails. Well, there is a new one at the Olympic Park called Beach East. At least it’s somewhere with a cool atmosphere to chill out for the day and get to know my date.


  1. The “UnLOCK Her Heart” Date

Live music, good vibes…. Drinking in the sun. The Camden Market “Lock Live” happened during weekend and it was free! And I’m still hoping for another one.


  1. The “I Know a Cool New Place” Date

Ok, don’t let the fact some guy and girl from Made in Chelsea and TOWIE are supposedly draw cards for the launch, the Reserve Bar has 3 floors of food and a stock exchange on drink prices rising and falling throughout the evening.


  1. The “If I Can’t Make Her Laugh” Date

Yep, we all say “great sense of humour” or “personality” is what we look for most in a partner. Well, if you fail dismally in that department why not take me somewhere that guarantees a laugh (I hope). The Ealing Comedy Festival is an example for an event opportunity, so why not take advantage when it does happen again?


  1. The “”Life’s a Beach” Date

Insert large amount of sand, hut-bars and a Caribbean theme and presto we have a beach. This week it’s Camden’s turn. Just head to the Roundhouse.


  1. The “Quirky” Date

I’m usually hanging out at The Book club in Shoreditch. It’s one of London’s funniest evenings where we read our old Diaries, love letters, report cards and any other cringe-worthy piece of literature from our youth. It’s a nice place to just hang.


  1. The “New Place for Food” Date

Ok, so Megan’s on Kings Road has been an institution for about 10 years but now residents of St John’s Wood can rejoice as one has just opened up in the North West. Expect the same home comforts, quirkiness and yummy Mediterranean food that’s great for sharing.


  1. The “CRAY-zy” Date

Sometimes a first date can be daunting when it’s just the 2 of you. If you want to be bold – or create confusion about whether you are in the friend zone, why not take him or her to the Grub Club’s Louisiana Crayfish boil up? Ok, maybe not a first date thing.


And these are some of my cool London date ideas for now. Stay tuned for more!

Enter A World Of Pure Dating Accuracy!

Dating isn’t exactly a skill to be learned. In fact, dating is something natural that is written in a human’s biological design. Whereas animals would use mating calls, humans used pheromones and visual cues to find the right mate. However, it’s not always that easy, and when one sends a signal, many will soon follow.

One can achieve pure dating accuracy if they consider understanding their wants, needs and effort to find and get to know their date. Consistent dating allows one to practice these skills, particularly the skill of handling rejection, exclusion, brash dialogue and complete refusal.

Most individuals who fail in dating cannot accept rejection and failure. Most dating individuals are disappointed quickly when their ideals and set schedules are not met. Some are scornful when their dates do not turn out to be their ideal mate, or lack the display thereof. Daters want a precise perspective on their dates before they even go out with them.

The truth is that these avid daters are the ones who keep on looking for their ideal match whereas these ideal matches do not really exist. At some point, they may actually be deluding themselves and they cannot be satisfied with just a man or a woman. They must be perfect.

The silliest thing about these daters is that they believe they deserve a perfect match because they’re perfect as well. Again, there’s no perfect human to be dated. Stopping yourself from this delusion and focusing on the more important aspects is the best tip any dating website could provide you.

The first thing to focus on a date is if you feel something about the person. Every human a person meets has an innate capacity to feel a vibration coming from the person they’re conversing with or dating. If you feel something off or you do not feel comfortable, politely tell your partner that you cannot proceed with your date and hope that he or she will respect your decision. It would be better to be rude now than later.

The second thing to focus on is when you’ve got your first focus down pat, never look for your ideals in another person. Find out their strengths and weaknesses through good conversation. This part of the tip should give you more dialogue munition than what you’ll need. When you find out about their strengths and weaknesses, weigh your options and see which one works for you. If the weaknesses that irritate or even agitate you are heavier, feel free to step away.

Lastly, when you’re on a date, focus on the interests of your date. Listen better to their dialogue because it may contain the hidden meanings that serve as his or her sign that you’re the right person for her. If you do find them, don’t be too sure still. You must exchange your own hidden meanings in dialogue and body language to reach out and find out if he or she is the one for you as well.

In this manner, you employ the basic techniques of dating!